April Browne

Location: North Carolina
Email: April@StrongHoldPartners.com

In nearly 30 years of service, April Browne rose to the rank of Captain of the Durham Police
Department in North Carolina. She approached her retirement as she had everything else – with a
persistent drive to learn everything she needed to know to succeed.

However, she struggled with the confusing and often incomplete information provided about her
pension plan and how it could be used in her retirement years. That’s when she discovered
Charlie Jewett and Renovating Retirement.

April became a client and was amazed by the life- and income-impacting aspects of her pension
and taxation that no one ever told her. If she had continued on the path of taking payments from
her pension as it’s set up, taxes would have taken such a large percentage of her income she
wasn’t sure how she would cover her life expenses.

Luckily, she learned about some smart ways of organizing and protecting her financial assets so
that she could have a guaranteed income during retirement that would withstand the ups and
downs of the economy. Renovating Retirement was so helpful to April that she decided to get
trained in it so she can provide this level of financial planning for her own community.

Now, Zelken Financial Services and the Renovating Retirement process are available for all law
enforcement officers who seek the same security that April attained for her life.