Kent Brown

Location: Arizona
Phone: 480-359-5280
Email: kent@StrongHoldPartners.com

Kent is a Financial Advisor at Stronghold Wealth Partners. With over 5 years of experience, he is here to help individuals and families with their financial goals and needs.  Kent is licensed as a fiduciary and is able to help you with different types of retirement accounts that you have.  Whether it is a 401k, IRA or Roth IRA it’s important to know how these accounts are taxed when money is taken out in retirement.  Also, very important is how you “unwind” or take income from those accounts in retirement.  Kent also teaches classes on Social Security and taxes on Social Security in the Scottsdale area.

Below are some areas that you might have questions about:

  • Current 401k questions.
  • Rollover or transfer of old 401k’s, 457’s, or 403b’s.
  • Brokerage account, IRA and Roth IRA questions and management.
  • Social Security and Taxes on Social Security.
  • Retirement income planning.

Kent enjoys traveling and fishing with his family as well as enjoys following the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals.