Patricia Martin

Location: Arizona
Phone: 480.404.4740
Email: Patricia@StrongHoldPartners.com

I was born in beautiful Jalisco Mexico, when I was 6, we moved small farming town of Blackfoot, Idaho where I grew up. Learning English as a first grader was challenging and comical at best. My dad worked as a ranch foreman and it wasn’t always easy to provide for a family of 7.

Life has a colorful way of painting challenges. My 2nd challenge showed up when I became a mom at 16, forcing me to drop out of high school, get married and provide a living for my infant son. In 2006 I opened up a franchise in insurance and financial services. I became one of the top advisor in the company the very first year. It’s where I realized I have a passion & knack for financial literacy and financial education.

My upbringing encouraged me to address the barrier of financial literacy, especially among women.  As women become more educated about money we’ll have even more financial independence & create effective change in our society. We won’t feel the need or obligation to remain in situations that do not serve us and many times are dangerous for us and our children.

This is why I continue learning and continue bringing more financial literacy to my all my Sisters from other Misters.

I too “stand with on the sacrifices of a million women before me, thinking what can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther" ...Rupi Kaur