Patricia Schreiter

Location: California
Email: Pschreiter@strongholdpartners.com

Patricia Schreiter, an experienced and trusted financial advisor, is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they develop strategic financial plans for their future. Working with individuals and businesses, Patricia creates customized strategies designed to maximize her client’s wealth retention opportunities. Patricia believes that being a great advisor and financial professional is more than being technically proficient. She builds lasting relationships with her clients, being a trusted resource for them as their needs change. Patricia’s accomplished military and civilian careers speak to her high ethics and integrity. “My clients know that I always do what is best for them. I pride myself on honesty, open communication, and education. Helping individuals and businesses create financial stability and security is my passion.” Patricia hails from San Francisco, and lives with her husband and children in the Sacramento, CA area. She is an active volunteer in her community as a financial educator, she served for many years as a scout leader and on a local school board. Patricia loves to travel, to learn new things, to cook with her children, and enjoys the company of wonderful friends.