Victor Zayas

Wealth Partner | StrongHold Wealth Partners
Location: New York
Email: Victor.Zayas@StrongHoldPartners.com

An inner-city kid who figured out how to lift himself up through education, Victor Zayas knows that the drive to improve one's life must come from within. But he also knows finding that drive is easier when a person has the guidance he lacked as a young man. After working for the Department of Corrections for over a decade, Victor made the bold choice to pursue a more meaningful calling. One "Great Morning!" at a time, Victor is transforming lives and showing people the untapped potential that lies within them. At StrongHold Wealth Partners, the leadership abilities he's honed lead him to assemble a team of financial literacy coaches who empower people to make their money work for them so they can escape the lifetime grind and secure their futures. There's a better way to live, and Victor wants to show it to as many people as he can. He takes great pride in the life-changing impact he has on those he works with, and in seeing his team members excel by following his example. 

Now, in control of how he spends his time, Victor can devote himself more to his two beautiful children, and to the pursuit of further personal development. And that's what he wants for the people he educates