When you align with StrongHold Wealth Partners, you are fortifying your future as we strategize your plan of attack together. We are interested in forging a lifelong relationship with you and will stand honorably by your side every step of the way.

With open-minded exploration, we take the time to get to know you and what is important to you. We help you plan for financial freedom by strategizing differently, tailoring your portfolio to your values, dreams, and aspirations.

We consider your desires when helping you plan for your future. The adventures you value are those we want to help you pursue.

Here is what you can expect as we advance together:



Get to know you and what you want your money to do for you



Analyze your assets



Create your customized, personal plan


Application of your plan


Follow up and review

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Risk Management:

Risk Management identifies any weaknesses in your insurance coverage that could jeopardize your assets. This service ensures your assets are strategically allocated. People often believe they have adequate coverage and overlook the gaps in insurance protection in the financial planning process.

At StrongHold Wealth Partners, we believe insurance protection plays a critical role in protecting your hard-earned assets from the unthinkable. In the case of the unforeseeable, you will want your family to be protected so we offer sound advice on the life insurance plan that best meets your family needs, budget, and goals.

We are also committed to finding the opportunity in risk. We are thoughtful and intentional in our approach to risk management as a core element of your strategy.

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Tax Planning:

Taxes impact many life aspects and a strong tax planning strategy can save up to thousands of dollars each year. Considerations for the magnitude of its presence in your financial plan can put more money in your pocket by optimizing retirement withdrawals, efficiently managing assets, giving more to charity, and potentially maximizing your estate value.

It’s important to identify opportunities to expand your tax savings strategically and shield you from paying too much. Whether your tax questions are confined to your portfolio or extend to and through your business, StrongHold Wealth Partners can help.

Estate Planning:

Your financial advisor plays a crucial role in forming your estate plan as your personal goals and visions for your future are important to us. Focused upon your finances, we can help prevent important financial information and procedures from slipping through the cracks.

Alongside our partners, we work with you and your other advisors to organize and optimize your estate plan design and vision for charity or legacy.

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Retirement Planning:

We look at finance strategies differently. Today, there is the possibility of outliving your savings in retirement, as you could need to fund up to 25 or 30 years. This is a solid reason to develop a retirement income strategy designed to last longer.

By carefully planning your future, together, we can help you along the journey to financial freedom and the retirement you envision, because the adventure you value is the one we want to help you pursue.

Wealth Management:

For information on wealth management and to explore money management strategies, please visit Stronghold Capital Partners.



  • 20+ years of money management experience
  • Customized client experience
  • One-on-one guidance and assistance
  • Personalized attention to short-term and long-term goals
  • Ongoing reassessment of individual goals
  • Collaboration of intelligent firms
  • Extensive range of options
  • Fully tailored, fully liquid portfolios
  • Risk management provided by proprietary stop loss indicator

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